Beating Games In 5 Of The Dumbest Ways Imaginable


Streamer Allows Viewers To Use Cheats To Try To Stop Him

Hugo One is so good at GTA San Andreas that the normal game’s confines no longer hold any accomplishment for him. So Hugo challenged his Twitch followers to stop him by allowing them to enter cheat codes to ruin his day. Usually, codes give players an advantage of extra weapons, armor, military vehicles, or … gimp outfits.

Rockstar Games
Grand Tarantino Auto

They can also straight-up alter the fiber of reality, making cars fly or turning all pedestrians into Yakuza Agent Smiths, turning any game into a random Matrix sequel fight.

On top of regular evil stuff like hulked-out NPCs and cars rigged to explode like a Mafia movie/game/real-life, Hugo also had to worry random drunken acts of God, like planes appearing out of nowhere mid-jump.

Rockstar Games
Hey, do 60 into a blind intersection, and any planes you hit are on you.

When he even managed to overcome that, his followers started triggering mass explosions that killed him not during gameplay, but during cutscenes. Hugo admitted to biting more than he could chew and only managed to finish the game after putting some restrictions on the hell he’d raised. All in all, it’s a great run that can be seen right here if you got 12 hours to kill:


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