5 Video Game Glitches That Turn Sexy Scenes Into Lovecraftian Nightmares

You see, despite going for an overtly sexual experience, DOA’s developers didn’t get to the same lengths of realistically depicting the female body as some decidedly less sex-oriented games. Instead of fully modeled nipples or female genitalia, there’s just an endless void peering back at you, mirroring the whole experience’s sad sexless hollowness.


Payday 2‘s Pole Dancers From Hell

Games like GTA V allow you to realistically experience the full range of criminal life: stealing, killing, spending your money on dumb stuff, getting killed, and coming back to life. Payday 2, however, is a game about heists, and only heists. The part where you get to conveniently spend your money on pole dances is nowhere to be found here, pal. Well, almost nowhere.

Despite not featuring night club heists, players found hidden moves in the game’s code that turn regular people working office jobs into strippers — pole dancing, and all. But, because since these are likely incomplete animations, they get weird fast.

Even if players don’t find anything strange about people performing pretty neat pole dancing moves during a hostage situation — even when there’s no actual pole — maybe they’ll start to suspect something is up when they see the heads of the performers doing 360 degree turns and just to reattach moments later.

505 Games
You wouldn’t think someone with a cubicle job would have that kind of flexibility in their spine.

Sadly, no one has yet discovered the glitch to get you into the champagne conference room.

Top image: EA Games

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