5 Video Game Glitches So Good They Should Be The Norm


Fallout 76‘s Below-Underground Lair

Fallout 76 is a volatile bug-filled game that tries to do a surprisingly realistic depiction of post-nuclear Earth … too bad that also prevents it from being playable or fun. While utter instability detracted many players from enjoying it, some adapted. Enter Mrs P123, who found herself at odds not with the game’s technical problems, but with her murder-happy neighbors. In a twisted stroke of genius, she decided to use the former to help with the latter by building a private lair worthy of Doctor Strange. 

Theoretically, Fallout 76 only allows for the creation of above ground settlements, and, with some bug-powered magic, Mrs P created a gloriously glitched-out murder maze.

Bethesda Softworks
“We need something that can stand up to the infinite emptiness of non-reality. Grab some 2x4s.”

If It looks both incredible and impossible, that because it should be. That’s not a regular underground city, that’s a settlement built atop an endless void. And while it looks exquisite, it was hard as hell to build, as the construction of each different structure requires the mastering of new and mostly unknown glitches.

But it does pay off when it comes to privacy as a vast array of timely demises await any grifter that might show up.

Bethesda Softworks
In a world of power armor and laser guns, it’s nice to see someone still willing to go full Wile E. Coyote.

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