“We Always Dreamed Of Having A Large Family”: Parents Of Three Adopt 5 Siblings Who Were Separated In Foster Care

Siblings can become a child’s role models, caretakers, best friends, and comforters, especially during such traumatic experiences as losing their parents. Statistics show that the majority of children who are taken away from parents have a brother or a sister; however, an estimated 50% of them are separated from at least one sibling. It’s especially tough for kids who come from big families, making the chances of them all being adopted into one family very slim. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Take, for instance, these 5 siblings who were all adopted to the same family—the Bonuras.

Recently, a family went viral for their heartwarming story of the adoption of 5 siblings who were separated in the foster care

Image credits: Andi Bonura

Andi and Thomas Bonura have been married for 15 years. Before they expanded their family by adopting, the couple tried very hard to have biological children. After losing one pregnancy, Andi eventually became pregnant with twins. Sadly, the two boys were born prematurely at 25 weeks and only one son, Joey, survived. The couple tried again and later, their two daughters were born. After that, the couple was advised against trying for more.

Image credits: Andi Bonura

“We decided to foster/adopt long before we had children, it was always on my heart. After child number 3, we were told that for health and safety reasons, we shouldn’t have more children. But we always dreamed of having a large family. With the help of our foster agency Depelchin, we trained and became licensed in 2017,” Andi told Bored Panda.

after having their 3 biological kids, Andi and Thomas decided to fulfill their dream of having a large family by adopting

Image credits: Andi Bonura

It didn’t take long for their first foster child, a baby boy named Bryson, to arrive. “The second our sweet baby came to us in foster care, I was instantly a pile of loving mush. These precious children are so innocent and desperate for love and it’s the most wonderful feeling to allow yourself to open up and love them wholeheartedly and completely unconditionally,” the mother said.

Image credits: Andi Bonura

When the family found out that Bryson had more siblings, the couple was determined to foster his sister and brother, David and Gabrielle, too. That’s when their older twin brothers Thomas and Carter started visiting the new home. Then, one day, the phone rang and the Bonura family found out that the 5 siblings’ parents were terminating their rights. At that moment, Andi and Thomas knew exactly what to do. “It was an easy decision to make, adopting them. We knew all the siblings before they moved in and I was completely in love with each of them. When they called and asked if we wanted to adopt, it was an instant yes, for all 5. They were so precious and they had my entire heart,” Andi said.

When their found out that their first foster child has 4 siblings, the couple made a choice to welcome them all into their home

Image credits: Andi Bonura

On May 6th, they officially became a family, making Andi and Thomas’ dream of having a large family come true. “It’s amazing to have 8 children. Each one of my children are incredibly kind and loving, with special characteristics. Watching their little hearts grow and heal has been so rewarding. We have a busy house, but everyone pitches in. They look out for each other, and support and encourage. I really don’t know how I became the lucky mom of these incredible little humans.”

Image credits: Andi Bonura

They are now the parents of Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4, and Bryson, 2, who joined their biological children Joey, 11, Sadie, 10, and Daphne, 8.

Recently, the pair adopted all of them and officially became the family of 10

Image credits: Andi Bonura

Andi says that this decision is the most meaningful thing she’s ever done in her life. “Taking in a precious foster child and showing them unconditional love, through their struggles and healing, challenges one to grow and become such a strong person. I am not the same person I was, I was naive about this part of the world, but going through all these challenges created an incredible bond and trust with my babies. Watching my bio children share their compassion and friendship, almost instantly, makes my heart melt with pride. There is such a need for foster parents and there are so many children who are desperate for love. I certainly did not do this on my own. My family, my friends, other foster parents, the teachers, they all participated with encouragement and love.”

Image credits: Andi Bonura

“It’s a challenging road to travel, but one of the most rewarding and life-changing things I’ve ever done. There are amazing people in this world who knowingly open their lives and hearts to these precious little people. I’m so proud to be friends with them and learn and grow from their kind hearts and encouragement. I’m the lucky one here,” Andi said.

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