7 Famous People Who Gave It To Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist who seemingly never met a woman who couldn’t sexually assault or otherwise harass. He’s the subhuman equivalent of the diarrhea that follows a breakfast of off-brand gas-station beef jerky. If news broke that Harvey Weinstein subsisted entirely on an intravenous slurry made of poisoned well water, orphan meat, and the unwashed assholes of diseased jungle rats, we doubt anyone would be surprised.

Anyway, it’s easy to forget that this, Our Year of Perpetual Nightmares, actually started with the good news that Weinstein was, finally, going to jail. Not for as long as many of us would have cared for, but still. Something resembling justice was served. Somehow — well, not somehow, the obvious answer is patriarchy and power — Weinstein’s litany of despicable wrongdoings went unnoticed for years. Except, of course, for these paragons of virtue that had the good sense to absolutely fucking hate him all along.


James Gandolfini Wanted to Beat the Shit Out of Him

Recently, on the Joe Rogan Experience, Sopranos stars Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli gathered to reminisce about the show and the late James Gandolfini — and, specifically, about how God damned much Gandolfini hated Harvey Weinstein.

See, despite his fame, Gandolfini never appeared on talk shows, because, in a move all self-hating New Jerseyans can understand, he didn’t feel that he was interesting enough. But Harvey, as we all now well know, wasn’t a fan of the word “no.” So he kept calling Gandolfini, trying to get him on The Late Show With David Letterman to promote the Weinstein-produced Killing Them Softly.

Things, according to Schirripa, took a turn for the “fucking nasty,” until Harvey’s constant pestering (and, we have to assume, incessant insulting and/or threatening of the actor) broke poor Tony Soprano. “I will beat the fuck out of Harvey Weinstein!” Gandolfini was reported to have said. “He fucking calls me again, I will beat the fuck out of him! For the money he paid me, I’m not fucking doing it!”

Kathy Hutchins/ShutterstockWe tend to think that the guy with a torso built like a major appliance could make good on that threat, too.

It does not appear that Gandolfini ever actually did beat the fuck out of Weinstein, though, and the world feels poorer for it.


Studio Ghibli Once Gave Him a Samurai Sword (and Not as a Gift)

Before he was outed as a rapist and sex criminal, Weinstein’s major claim to infamy was his proclivity for cutting the holy crap out of a movie. He was so overzealous in the editing bay, in fact, that his nickname around old Hollywood town was “Harvey Scissorhands.”

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