Countries Trying Hard To Become Sci-fi Dystopias


Saudi Arabia Plans To Spend $500 Billion On A Giant Sci-Fi Nightmare City

Saudi Arabia has long-term problems. It’s extremely dependent on oil exports and large parts of the country are unusable desert, which won’t help the economy much when the oil runs out and we finally switch to those human battery farms from The Matrix. Meanwhile, segments of the population are getting increasingly pushy about “jobs” and “human rights” and “maybe every prince shouldn’t get to buy his falcon a Maserati.” So yeah, they hope to fix everything by building the city from Demolition Man combined with Minority Report.
Feel free to enjoy the most sinister PR video we’ve ever seen.

The plan is to transform the sparse northwest of the country by spending $500 billion building a massive megacity called Neom. Although they appear to have blown about half that budget on cocaine, because everything about Neom sounds completely insane. The city will be lit at night by a giant artificial moon made of drones. Robot maids will clean your house, children will be taught by holograms, and robot cage fights will keep the public entertained. There will also be an artificial island full of life-sized robot dinosaurs. That’s right, within a few years it could be totally normal to hear a phrase like “The cyber-raptors have run amok! Quick, Robo-Kickboxer, hold them off while we escape on the Moon Drones!”

The craziness doesn’t end there. Cloud seeding will be used to control the weather, while the local beach will glow in the dark, like a watch. The local governor reportedly flew into a rage at plans for road traffic, insisting that we’ll have flying cars “by 2030.” Plans were hastily revised to feature flying cars and taxis and indicate that road travel will be for pleasure only. There will also be a center for genetic engineering, because we need to throw Gattaca into this too. And of course, a network of cameras, drones, and facial recognition technology will be used to monitor “everyone at all times.” That’s actually the part they seem to be prioritizing.

Countries Trying Hard To Become Sci-fi Dystopias Funny Neom/YouTubeIt certainly doesn’t help credibility that “” is just a bunch of old Flash games (not a joke–it’s like Newgrounds in 2003).

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