Rack Stash, Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Storage, Ski and Ca…

The most fun you’ve ever had could happen tomorrow. Or five minutes from now. So when it’s time to go, your gear needs to be as available as you are. That’s why we created Rack Stash: it’s a simple solution to organizing your sport-intensive life. It’s not just about cutting the clutter-it’s about shaping your space to fit your lifestyle.Store Any Sport Hitch – Rack Stash works with 2″ accessories and is the perfect storage solution for bulky sport racks
Quick Installation – Mounts quickly and easily to the stud on virtually any available wall space with all necessary hardware included
Easy Loading – Mount even the most awkward hitch-mounted bike racks in a breeze with our streamlined design
Space Saving – Store bulky bike, ski, or cargo racks above your garage floor and out of the way
Convenient – Use it as a bike repair stand as well as a convenient location to store all your hitch related gear

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