Disney Owning ‘the Simpsons’ Is Going To Get Weird

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And while Disney’s television slate has gotten less attention than their tepid but profitable movie remakes, they really, really love TV spinoffs and reboots, Disney+ is getting — deep breath now — a Monsters Inc. series, a Muppets reboot, a Chip N’ Dale reboot, another shot at Escape To Witch Mountain, a series about the Mighty Ducks, a Willow series, a Lizzie McGuire revival, an Ice Age series, a Sandlot series, a 101 Dalmatian series, a True Lies series for some reason, a fucking Turner And Hooch series, a “reimagining” of High School Musical, a series about the lives of Disney villains, piles of Marvel spinoffs, an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, a Clone Wars revival, and even a game show called Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. Oh, and they’re rebooting Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, who was last popular in the ’20s (oof, now we have to clarify that it was the 1920s).

Disney Owning ‘the Simpsons’ Is Going To Get Weird Funny Walt Disney PicturesHey, gotta scoop up that lucrative 95-110 demographic.

Disney has always been willing to employ franchise necromancy, regardless of the original’s quality, and Disney+ is putting that strategy into overdrive. The company that thinks the world somehow needs more Turner And Hooch and the return of a cartoon character who saw his heyday during the Great Depression won’t hesitate to try something with The Simpsons the moment it looks like doing so might be profitable.


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