Meat Tenderizer Tenderizing Hammer Pounder with Egg Tim…

Meat Tenderizer Tenderizing Hammer Pounder with Egg Timer Kitchen Gadget Tools for Pounding and Tenderizing Meats
Meat Tenderizer is the finest solution for quick and easy flattening & tenderizing of Venison, Pork, Veal, Lamb, Chicken, Steak & Other Meats to prepare a delicious meal! You can also use it to crush nuts, ice and hard candy. It’s absolutely multipurpose!
Mechanical egg timer without battery, used for a long time.
Accurate clear scale unit in minutes
Non-slip base, stable, not easy to drop

How to use 1.Turn it clockwise to 55, then turn counter-clockwise to the number of minutes you required. A bell will ring at thescheduled time.
2.The bell will automatically ring when it rotates to setting time for a mechanical drive.
1*egg timer
1*meat tenderizer
Do not set the time directly from 0, which will break the timing settings.

Buy meat hummer & egg timer with complete confidence, knowing that if you’re not happy with the top performance of these, simply contact us and we’ll refund or replace your set.SUPER DESIGN : Meat tenderizer has a double-sided meat mallet. One side has a smooth surface for pounding meat and the other side is textured great for tenderizing the toughest cuts of meat.
EASY TO USE: The tenderizer mallet is easy to use, and made up of one piece of stainless for maximum durability and strength.
GOOD TRIP: Premier quality tool designed for ease of use and hold. Its elegant design of wooden and tight back that makes it very simple and convenient to hold for heavy jobs.
CONVENIENT STORAGE: It is easy to store because of handle hole. You can store it in anywhere you like.
IDEAL OCCASSION: With 24 raised knobs, meat hammer can soften the fleshy meat when knocking, and can also beat garlic, ginger, cucumber and crack ice.

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