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Coralpearl Kitchen Food Aid Garlic Ginger Master Box Plastic Stainless Steel Cube Press Cutter Mincer Chopper Crusher Slicer Grater Grinder Twister Dicer Machine Silicone Peeler Gadget Green Tool Set:

With unique designs, this GARLIC SET peels, minces or slices garlic into the small pieces very fast and keeps your hands from garlic odor.
EASY for storage: Miniature PORTABLE size for conveniet COMPACT storage anywhere in kitchen, in draws, cabinets.

How To Use:

Size: 2.5″LX2.3″WX2.7″H
1.Orient the cube to select what size you want to cut the garlic by dicing or slicing;
2.Make sure the arrow on the front of the CLEAR BIN is upward for food storage;
3.Push the left edge chip of top blade to open the cutter LID;
4.Simply place the peeled clove on the blade;Press/push down the lid to chop the garlic;
5. All the minced garlic are conveniently stored in removable clear container,Bottom of which is indented to act as a micro grater for soft foods;

Size: 3.2″WX3″H
Step 1.Remove both tips of garlic.
Step 2. Simply place a clove of garlic into the silicone garlic peeler;
Step 3 & 4.Roll peeler back and forth firmly between hands or on countertop.
Step 5. Tip out peeled garlic cloves.
Step 6.7. Turn peeler inside/out, wash with warm water or in the top rack of dishwasher.

TIPS: To protect the blades for long time use & not to bend the cutter, pls cut the whole garlic unit into thin pieces; Fix the grid cover into the cutter & push not too hard by hand;

Coralpearl Kitchen Food Aid GREEN Garlic Ginger Master Box Set includes one automatic Press made by durable plastic ABS+two Stainless Steel blades;one Garlic Peeler is made of 100% BPA free silicone;
Both gadget tools keep your hands from stinky smell, completely odor free; No need to directly hold the garlic while peeling and slicing;
Unique design of CUBE shape requires only a small fraction of effort than traditional garlic press. Two sturdy Interchangeable blades ensure consistent result every single time: one as mincer/dicer/grater, one as slicer;
Garlic Peeler Soft,Foldable,Flexible removes skins from garlic cloves quickly and easily;
Cutter machine also as chopper/crusher/grinder/twister is easy to clean. Both are easy to be washed by hand or top-rack dishwasher safe.

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