Self Adjusting Wire Stripper – Comfortable Grip and Erg…

This Gee Gadgets Heavy Duty Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper makes stripping 10-24 AWG wire a breeze. In addition it offers the extended function of wire crimping 10-22 AWG insulated or non-insulated, or 7-9mm ignition terminals.


– Swivel Knob Micro-adjusts To Strip Gauges Smaller Than 20 AWG
– Adjustable Stopper To Control The Length Of The Intended Strip
– Pro Grips For Maximum Comfort And Less Hand Fatigue
– Heavy Duty All Stainless Steel Head

Gee Gadgets makes all your electrical wiring jobs a snap with this self-adjusting pliers mechanism and knob for micro-adjustments. All your wire gauges even smaller than 20 AWG are served. Also equipped with wire cutter and pro grip handles for your maximum hand comfort and reduced work fatigue.

This Gee Gadgets Wire Stripper – Crimper will be your go-to for its variety of positions. The ratchet handle clicks smoothly into place. The Gee Gadgets self-adjusting ratcheting wire and cable stripper is a must have tool. It cuts out wasted job time for not having a proper tool. Designed to effortlessly strip, cut or crimp wires. Simply insert wire and the adjustable stopper controls the core wire. A micro-adjuster can be turned for wire or cables smaller or larger.

This is designed for insulated and non-insulated terminals or 7-9mm ignition terminals without damaging the core wire. Insulated handles provide protection and protection from hand stress.

Heavy Duty Wiring Tools for DIYers and for Professionals

The Gee Gadgets wire stripper and terminal ratcheting crimpers are multi-use electrical wiring tools designed for professional or home DIY use. Most wire tools require two hands and some guesswork. The Gee Gadgets changes this by micro managing the guesswork for you, with only one hand. The jaws clamp down, auto-magically adjusting tension by the ratchet, to strip wire without damaging it. The result is a perfectly stripped, cut or crimped wire.MINIMAL EFFORT: The ratcheting action requires only a fraction of hand strength. This is a must-have for professional & DIY electricians’ tool sets.
SELF-ADJUSTING: The automatic mechanism strips wires from 10 24 AWG (0.2mm to 6.0mm). Further micro adjustments can be made less than 20 AWG.
MULTI USE: This multipurpose plier crimps 10-22 AWG insulated & non-insulated terminals, and 709mm ignition terminals with an adjustable stopper.
VERSATILE AND USEFUL: This handy tool should be part of any tool kit, with its ability to crimp and strip copper and aluminum of a wide variety of sizes.
RELIABLE & EFFICIENT: As a trusted name in hand tools, this high quality Gee Gadgets wire stripper is built tough to be durable and very long lasting,

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