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Bring home stylish company with Porthos Home mid century modern leather chair

Featuring a sleek silhouette with wooden accents, leather upholstery and stainless steel legs, this Porthos Home upholstered desk chair is the chic flair that jazzes up an otherwise boring study room or office.

Features practical and user-friendly design details too

This mid century modern accent chair is more than just a good-looking piece of furniture. Its clean lines make it effortless to blend seamlessly into any interior, while its ergonomic padded seat and back offers cushioning in all the right places. Moreover, the swivel desk chair has an easy one-push lever that lets you instantly adjust its height to ensure that you’re always sitting in the most comfortable position. Best thing is, the mid century office chair has water and stain resistant leather upholstery. You can simply wipe away minor spills and stains with a piece of cloth and your modern desk chair can be looking like new for a long time.

Mid century modern office chair features you’ll love:

Height adjustable gas lift seat adjustment
Water and stain resistant leather upholstery
Ergonomic padded seat and back
Curved back and arm rest
Classy wooden accents
Shiny stainless steel legs
5 durable castor roller wheels
Size: H 37-40.16 x W 26.38 x D 25.98 inches
Weight: 33 lbs
Assembly in minutes

Risk free 30-day return policy

At Porthos Home, our customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance. Which is why all our products are back by a risk free 30-day return policy. If you’re not happy with this Porthos Home mid century chair in any way, simply send it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked.


[MID CENTURY OFFICE FURNITURE THAT’S EASY TO MATCH] one of the reasons why Mid Century modern Furniture is so well loved is that it can blend ever so seamlessly into your existing interior decor; with the timeless sleek design of this Mid Century modern desk chair, add a chic touch without ever having to do any interior decor overhaul
[DESK CHAIR WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FEATURE] with this Mid Century modern chair, gone is the neck strain or shoulder pain as you can conveniently adjust its Height with one push of the Lever; when you’re sitting comfortably in this ergonomic chair without having to hunch over or strain your neck, you wouldn’t feel tired even if you’ve been working at the desk for a long time
[MID CENTURY ACCENT CHAIR WITH WATER AND STAIN RESISTANT LEATHER UPHOLSTERY] we’re sure you already how spills and stains will age your Furniture prematurely; these Porthos Home cool office chairs will look New for a long time as their Leather upholstery is water and stain resistant; in fact, all you Need to do is wipe the minor spill or stain away and they’ll never leave their ugly marks on the Mid Century Leather chair
[SPECIFICATIONS OF SMALL OFFICE CHAIR] size H 37-40.16 x W 26.38 x D 25.98 inches; weight 33 lbs.
[RISK-FREE PORTHOS HOME RETRO FURNITURE] at Porthos Home, your satisfaction is Our Top priority, which is why all Our products are backed by a 30-day return policy; if you’re not completely satisfied with this piece of Mid Century small desk chair, simply send it Back to US for a full refund – no questions asked

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