This Dad Asked His Daughter To Explain Why She Told Teachers He Grew Weed, And It’s Hard Not To Laugh

A cute little girl gave her father the fright of a lifetime recently, after receiving a call from her teacher. No, she hadn’t been caught cheating on her test, bullying, skipping class or anything like that, she had simply told a controversial truth about her home life: her parents were growing weed.

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On receiving the ‘please explain’ phone call from the concerned teacher, dad Dax Holt decided to confront daughter Skylar on what exactly she had said, and why. In an adorable video, Skylar shyly explained what she meant, and led daddy to the incriminating ‘stash,’ which was not exactly what her teacher had in mind!

Scroll down to check out the hilarious misunderstanding for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This is Skylar Holt, explaining to her daddy what secrets she had told her teacher about their home life

Check out the adorable video below

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