The 10 Best Deals of September 12, 2018

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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1: Cheap (Good) Wine

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of options, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store. It’s a solid deal any time, but it’s even better for our readers today.

The 10 Best Deals of September 12, 2018 Geek Universe
The Robots Are Taking Over (Your Wine Purchases)!

Every time I buy wine at the store, I spend far too much time picking six bottles (have to get that …

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Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with three bottles of wine for just $15, plus $5 shipping. Considering that you aren’t locked in and can cancel any time, that’s a bargain. But it gets even better for our readers, as promo code Kinja will waive the $5 shipping charge, for a limited time. That’s three bottles of wine (all of mine had MSRPs over $20) for just $5 each shipped, with no commitment.

You can read more about the service in my review, but if you choose to remain a member (I did), every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping.

#2: $299 Suits

Why buy off the rack when custom tailored suits are so affordable, not to mention so fun to design? For a limited time, you can look your best with a custom suit from Indochino, our readers’ favorite custom clothing company.

You can grab any suit from this page for just $299 with promo code KINJA18, and if you checked out this deal last time we ran it, note that there are a lot of new suit options to choose from now.

The 10 Best Deals of September 12, 2018 Geek Universe
Indochino Makes Custom Suiting Attainable

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For more on the Indochino customization and sizing process, head over to this post.

#3: Craftsman Tools

Power tool deals get all of the attention, but at a bare minimum, everybody needs some good hand tools in their arsenal.

Today only, several wrenches, socket sets, and multitools from Craftsman are deeply discounted in Amazon’s Gold Box, complete with Craftsman’s famous lifetime warranty. 7-piece wrench sets are only about $25, ratcheting wrenches are $83, this this cool folding hex key set is a must buy at $13, if only to improve the organization of your tool box. For the rest of the deals, be sure to head over to Amazon.

Update: Our deal researcher, Corey, was just at a Craftsman event, and informs me that Lowe’s has a newer model of the mechanic’s tool set for a better price, or a larger set for just a few dollars more. The hand tools on Amazon are great deals though.

#4: Kindle’s Last voyage

Photo: Gizmodo

The Kindle Voyage, which has been my personal Kindle for the last several years, is no more, supplanted by the Kindle Oasis. May it rest in peace. So if you don’t want to spend $250 on an Oasis, and the $129 Paperwhite doesn’t check all of your boxes, you should buy a refurbished Voyage while you still can.

The 10 Best Deals of September 12, 2018 Geek Universe
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Refurb prices on the Voyage tend to fluctuate between $150 and $130 (they sold for $200 new), so today’s $120 price is terrific, especially considering the product’s impending rarity. Once these refurbs are gone, they’re probably gone forever.

The 10 Best Deals of September 12, 2018 Geek Universe
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#5: Power Tower

This Aukey charger includes 12 AC outlets and six USB ports, so you can plug in all of the things. It also looks just like a Mac Pro, except not overpriced and embarrassingly outdated. Just use code 98UZ6HNO at checkout to get it for $21, the best price we’ve ever seen.

#6: Eufy RoboVac

The bestselling, top-rated, and audience-favorite robotic vacuum is marked down to just $170 right now, a whopping $80 less than usual, and an all-time low.

The 10 Best Deals of September 12, 2018 Geek Universe
The Eufy RoboVac 11 Is Cheaper Than the Cheapest Roomba, and Every Bit as Good [Updated]

Update 2 (By Corey Foster): Anker’s latest RoboVac, the 11S, ascends to the throne with a lower…

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It has the features you guys loved about the original RoboVac 11, including a remote control, a slim body to reach under furniture, and a large dust box, but boasts upgraded suction power, so the vacuum will sense when it needs to use a little extra juice to take care of a mess. It also has slightly larger wheels to easier navigate over door jams and higher-pile carpets, plus a larger HEPA-style filter to better trap allergens and pet hair. At this price though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell out.


LG’s 2017 OLED TVs have achieved something of a cult status thanks to their inky dark black levels and vibrant colors. Today though, we’ve got the best price we’ve ever seen on the new 2018 models.

The picture quality should be nearly identical (which is a good thing!), but the 2018 models include LG’s ThinQ voice assistant and support for HFR (high frame rate video) up to 120 FPS. HFR content doesn’t really exist yet, but a few movies are expected to come to streaming services starting later this year, so if you’re planning on using the TV for several years, it might be worth it for future-proofing purposes.

MassDrop has the 55″ marked down to $1,500, and the 65″ to $2,100 (select the 65″ option at checkout). You can also get last year’s 65″ model for $1,600 refurbished from Walmart, if you’re on a budget but want the larger size.

#8: Cereal Marshmallows

If someone in your household eats all the tasty marshmallow bits out of the Lucky Charms box, leaving you with nothing but replacement-level cereal, your dreams have come true.

Amazon is selling this 3 pound bag of dehydrated marshmallows for just $19, within a few cents of an all-time low. Reviewers note they taste pretty much the same as the ones that come in the Lucky Charms box, and you can shovel these in by the fistful without that pesky cereal taking up space in your stomach.

#9: Cord Channels

Listen, I know it’s daunting. But you should really get your cables under control. Nobody wants to look at a tangled rat king of HDMI cords, power cables, and the dust bunnies the inevitably attract. There are lots of ways to go about this, but a wall-mounted, paintable cable channel is one of the most professional looking solutions.

This complete set is only $13 today with promo code K67UYT2Q, and includes eight 15.7″ channels, plus right angle pieces, and several mounting options, including wall anchors and apartment-friendly adhesive.

#10: iPad Stand

If you use your iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil as a designer tool, ElevationLab’s DraftTable is a must-own accessory. It holds the tablet steady at a variety of different angles for a more ergonomic drawing experience, and you can even get it bundled with an arm rest and Apple Pencil holder for a little bit extra. It’s a desk stand, not a case, so it should work with all sizes of iPads.

Promo code DRAFTTABLE will save you 25% today on the stand and the full bundle, the best deal we’ve ever seen, and the only deal we’ve seen since Valentine’s Day.

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