Rambo R150 Extra Large Luggage Bike Rack

Rambo R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage Rack for use with all Rambo bikes. Don’t want the accessory bag, and don’t want to pull the trailer, but need more tie down space? Our rugged yet light weight extra-large rack offers increased tie down storage space right on the back of your Rambo.Rugged and lightweight; Extra-large bike rack
Offers tie down storage on back of your Rambo bike
Aluminum Alloy 6061 construction
For use with all Rambo Bikes: R750C, R750, R35C, R35
Allows proper installation/usage of these Rambo options: R160 Camo Accessory Bag, R170 Gun & Bow Holder and R180 Aluminum Bike & Hand Cart

Price: [price_with_discount]

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