Orange Citrus Peelers (2- Pack) Lemon Lime Tangerine Gr…

Orange Citrus Peelers (2- Pack) Lemon Lime Tangerine Grapefruit – Kitchen Gadget#008/31DESCRIPTION Orange Citrus Peelers Lemon Lime Tangerine Grapefruit (2) Pack – Kitchen Tools & Gadgets These peelers makes peeling all citrus enjoyable with their easy-to-use design. Orange peelers are designed to peel oranges and citrus in a simple and practical way. Blade cuts without damaging the orange and the peelings can be removed easily by the edges. Ring hole makes it easy to grab. They will be handy in your kitchen, lunch box, or fruit baskets. Set includes total of 2 orange peelers. FREE SHIPPING (All of my items are In Stock and Ready To Ship)

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