5 Hilariously Terrible Choices Game Developers Actually Made


Telltale’s Batman Game Showed An Actual Corpse

Telltale is famous for turning exciting action adventure stories like The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy into games where you mostly walk around and have awkward chats with people. So when the developers got their hands on Batman, they of course decided to focus less on Batman, Moody Ass-Kicker, and more on Batman, World’s Greatest Detective. But despite the whole game being about paying attention to detail, the developers overlooked one tiny detail, themselves… a detail called murder.

Chapter 2 of Batman: The Telltale Series starts with Bruce Wayne investigating a recent crime wave in Gotham. One of the most daring sprees is perpetrated by Harley Quinn, who stole $10 million in diamonds and left behind a trail of dead brokers in her wake.

Telltale GamesThe biggest surprise is that they had any money left after building that ridiculous bank vault.

While most of the game has a very comic book aesthetic to it, for some reason the developers decided to make all the crime footage look quasi-realistic, with full CGI effects and even real looking people. But it seems that Telltale took that realism a bit too far, as closer inspection of the dead stockbroker in Quinn’s file reveals that the programmers copy/pasted a real photo of a dead man in their PG game.

Telltale Games, Burhan OzbiliciAlthough they did slim him down. Is that more or less respectful?

That is Andrey Karlov, the former Russian ambassador to Turkey, who was assassinated in 2016 at an art gallery. Not only was it the main story on every news channel in the world, it’s also one of the most famously photographed events of the decade. Another angle of Karlov’s murder won Photo of The Year in the World Press Photo contest. But apparently that wasn’t enough to immortalize Karlov’s lifeless body — he also needed to make a cameo as the victim of some insane shrink with an oversized mallet.


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