Strong 25 Lb Neodymium Magnetic Hooks – Best For Hang G…

Multiple Use:

Neodymium magnets work great on a tool box, steel shelf , metal filing cabinet , metal workbench , magnetic white board , auto , RV , boats , steel framed homes , mobile homes , sheet metal . No mounting hardware required ! Use in your home , kitchen , workplace , office , garage , shed , gym , lockers and many more ! This hook is also a great travel accessory ! Hang almost anything from any magnetic surface without having to drill into your home fixtures ! Hooks make perfect tool and knife holders , toy holders , cleaning supply/equipment holders, lawn/garden tool holders , recreational and sports equipment holders, pots and pans holders, etc. You can hang hammers , paint brushes , power cords , brooms , brackets , hats , coats , aprons bags and practically anything else you can think of . Our magnets are made for the adult inventor manufacturer researcher, DIYer, problem solver etc .

Note :

* Please use magnet hooks at a temperature lower than 80 Degree . The magnet will degauss when the temperature exceeds 80 Degree . * These Magnets are meant for use by adults only . Keep away from children pacemakers and other implants These hook magnets each holds 25 lbs. The largest Pull Power if is attached vertically pull strength is reduced by 2/3 if attached horizontally * LIFETIME GUARANTEE!INCLUDES : 5×25 lb strong neodymium magnetic bases with 5 small and 5 large hooks plus 3M scratch free adhesive pads.
MULTIPURPOSE USE : magnets hooks can be used for organizing spaces indoors, outdoors, in the kitchen, bathroom, cabinets, garage, shed , gym,cruises, office and many more. No more holes in your walls or furniture.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE : no mounting hardware required , just put them on any magnetic surface, these magnetic hooks can hang almost anything from any magnetic surface without drilling into your home fixtures.
DESIGN : smooth brushed nickel coated surface to avoid corrosion and full U shape prevents items from slipping off.
ATTRACTION : 25 lb perpendicular tensile, but the attraction will be affected by the material and smoothness of the surface attached to. Attached to a vertical surface , ” sheer force ” is roughly 1/3 less than direct pull force.

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