Keep Your Family Safe! Touchscreen Cut Resistant Safety…

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✪CUT RESISTANT ☭ – EN 388 Certified, 5 level protection, heavy duty, ideal for work, oyster shucking, carpentry, gardening, roofing, handling glass, landscaping, construction, yard work or work in garden, butcher, working with sharp and hot tools
✪TEN-FINGER TOUCHSCREEN ☭ Provide ten-finger functionality. Work brilliantly on smartphones, tablets and more. More convenient with the extra touchscreen function
✪LAST UP TO 10 TIMES LONGER ☭ – than usual kitchen or work gloves! Gloves are made with the addition of cotton, kevlar and nomex, so your hands do not sweat! Also machine washable!
✪DO NOT TAKE OFF your GLOVES to USE PHONE ☭ Now, you don’t need always to take off your gloves to use your smartphone while working, cooking, wood carving…

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