Multi-color Motion Sensor Led Toilet Night Light – Ligh…

Upgrade your visit to the toilet with the ingenious colour changing motion-activated night light by ChillaX!

-The night light turns your bathroom into a beautiful light show every time you visit the loo and is Ideal for potty training!

– Choose from 8 static colours including red, green, aqua, blue, purple, yellow, and white or a constant colour change function to create the perfect toilet rainbow! -The daylight sensor installed ensures the light only operates in darkness, saving the batteries for when they are needed most

-Features 5 brightness levels, Fits any toilet,

-Easy to remove and clean

– Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)

-It fits on the edge of any toilet and turns your pan into a beautiful light show every time you walk in your bathroom at night. ‘

Now going to the toilet in the night will not be so clumsy and will actually become fun! Watch in amazement as your toilet changes from one colour to the next or just have it set to one of the 8 static colours.

Turn your bathroom into a night time show!

Please check if the AAA batteries fit inside the case, if they do not we recommend to purchase AAAA batteries (or AAA batteries with 0.39″ x 1.73″ dimensions) ! Because of the hot weather, for some products only, the battery case became smaller and the normal AAA batteries will not fit.

FUN AND SAFETY. Well for starters, going to the bathroom at nighttime will stop being such a pain in the neck. Whether you’re stressed about turning on the blinding lights, being blinded by the big lights bumping into stuff or worried about waking up your better half, ChillPRO is the BEST SOLUTION.
MOTION AND LIGHT DETECTION SENSORS. The built in motion sensor detects body heat to automatically illuminate the room only during nighttime, when you and your family need it most and in order to SAVE ENERGY will stay on for just 2 minutes after last detected movement. FITS ANY TOILET – the flexible adjustable arm allows a hassle-free installation on ANY TOILET BOWL. Forming a firm grip around the toilet rim the lighting accessory stays snug, without dropping whenever you raise or lower the seat
BEST POTTY TRAINING GADGET – With this gadget and a touch of your imagination you can work wonders when teaching your little one to use the toilet or potty. Simply by pressing a single button your toddler can choose to freeze his / her favorite rainbow color and, if he / she gets bored, press again to switch back to the SMOOTH COLOR TRANSITIONING mode. The LED lamp at the end of the rod is encased in FULL ABS PLASTIC preventing water damage from casual splashes
UNIQUE FAMILY GIFT – Have you ever seen a more versatile and unusual GIFT IDEA? Random mugs and other boring presents are ancient history! Whether it’s your mom & dad’s anniversary, a co-worker’s retirement or you’re attending a Secret Santa exchange party, this novelty item brings a smile to everybody’s face and unlike other gag gifts, this smart device will also prove USEFUL. How’s that for a stocking stuffer?
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Making you a happy customer is our main goal and we’d like to assure you that our product is of TOP-NOTCH QUALITY and SUPERIOR DURABILITY. To support our claims we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY to our customers. If anything goes wrong with the device, we GUARANTEE its replacement. Simply write us and we’ll take care of the rest!

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