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Bicycle Dynamo / Bicycle Generator Charger Bicycle Dynamo Charger with USB by HCW

Bicycle Dynamos are alternators equipped with permanent magnets
They are typically claw-pole generators and deliver energy at rather low rpm
The typical bicycle dynamo is sidewall-running bottle dynamo and hub dynamo,and there are a few other types (spoke dynamo, roller dynamo) but those gained limited popularity,But now, our product, Bicycle Chain Dynamo, it will take over all


Power Output Connection: USB (DC 5V)
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Case Material: Weatherproof ABS
Bike Riding to Battery Power:
1-riding speed: 5-15kg hour, electronic power: 100-300mAh
2-riding speed: 20-30kg hour, electronic power: 400-600mAh
3-riding speed: above 30kg hour, electronic power: 700-900mAh
Output current: 5V/1000mA

Package Contents:

1 x Bicycle Power Generator
1 x USB CablePower your phone or other gadgets- Bicycle Dynamo Patented technology and the up-to-date design in the world. Bicycle chain drive the dynamo’s gear to generate power. Out of power and your exercising is helping to generate energy for your electronic gadgets.
Convenient and environmentally friendly – Supply power to your mobile phone, bicycle music box, flashlight, etc, Energy saving, no pollution, green products. With a LED indicate light of Bicycle Dynamo Charger, it flash when charging, also can be used as tail light when riding.
SUITABLE FOR MOST BICYCLES- Bicycle chain charger Suitable for almost all kinds of bicycles,
EASY Install-The integrated design of bicycle dynamo, battery and voltage regulator, DIY installation, no need any tools
Safety and Warranty- by bicycle moving, almost not influence on the bicycle speed, The gears made of abrasion resistant plastic steel, and the bicycle chain don’t wear out, Rainproof design, no need worry about water entry at raining days to the dynamo bicycle.

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