Typhoon 120 Mini Bike Pump – Portable, Lightweight, Com…

Wherever the road takes you

The Typhoon 120’s lightweight, aerodynamic design is exactly what you’re looking for in a trail-friendly bicycle pump. Whether you’re a casual cruiser, a work commuter, a road racer, or a mountain biker, the Typhoon 120 bike tire pump gives you reliability you can depend on. At only 5.4 oz, this portable bike pump won’t add weight to your load. And the easy mounting bracket makes it a real roadside repair kit must-have. Simply attach the Typhoon 120 directly to your bike, and you’ll never forget to pack a hand pump again.

Multi-use for a multitude of needs

Stop stocking up on multiple tools for the same job. Your Typhoon 120 comes with valve attachments that are compatible with both Presta and Schroeder bike tire valves, so you don’t have to buy different pumps for your bike collection. It also comes with a needle valve attachment to inflate soccer balls, footballs, beach balls, pool floats, toys, and more. Plus, all valve attachments store directly in the pump’s no-slip handle, so you won’t have to worry about losing your options OR losing your grip!

Maintain top performance

Never let a clunky old bike pump slow you down! When you find yourself with a flat tire, our mini, extendable shaft bike pump is exactly what you need. With its 120 PSI high-volume, no leak air pressure pump with integrated dust cap and built-in flex hose, you’ll be back on the road to your destination quicker than ever!

A biker’s essential

Keep everyone’s bikes performing at their best with the Typhoon 120 high-powered hand pump – making it an essential addition to any cyclist’s kit, and a great gift for the bike lovers in your life. Plus, it comes with a FREE BONUS bike bell, so your bike lover can stay safe on the trail, on the street, and in the woods!

Stop letting flat tires get you down and add a Typhoon 120 to your cart TODAY!DEPENDABLE DESIGN – Tired of broken bike pumps letting you down right when you need them most? Even with frequent use, the Typhoon 120’s durable aluminum design won’t bend, break, crack, or lose air pressure. Our pro-quality bike pump will withstand ride after ride and the flexible internal hose will never let air leak. You won’t be seeing any Typhoon 120s tossed to the side of the bike path!
LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION – Carrying too much weight on your bike can be a drag. At only 5.4 oz, the Typhoon 120 won’t add much to your load. The extendable pump is 10″ long and 1″ wide, and it easily attaches to your bike frame. Lightweight aluminum and durable plastic components make a sleek, aerodynamic addition to your cycling setup.
SMALL YET MIGHTY – No lackluster airflow or faulty seals here. The Typhoon 120’s high pressure pump produces a powerful 120 PSI with each pump. Get your tires, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, or toys inflated quickly and efficiently. No more wasted time and effort when a flat tire’s got you down – let the Typhoon 120 do any job with ease to get you back on two wheels and on the road again!
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL UTILITY – Sick of single-use gadgets that take up space & create clutter in your life? The Typhoon 120 does it all. It’s compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, so you can use it for your road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and anything in between! The Typhoon 120 also comes with an inflation needle so you can use it to inflate beach balls, pool floats, air mattresses, and more! Plus, all 3 valves can be stored right in the handle for convenient access.
STAY SAFE WITH A FREE BONUS – Make your presence on the bike trail known! As an added FREE bonus, the Typhoon 120 pro bike pump comes with a FREE bike bell! Ring your way down the street to alert passing pedestrians, cars, and other cyclists that you’re nearby, or give a quick jingle to a passing cyclist to keep the trails friendly and fun.

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