5 Movie Costumes That Had Hidden Messages You Totally Missed

To get his hands on the Holy Grail, Indy has to go through three booby-trapped tests. Similarly, as young Indy escapes the looters who are after the also Jesus-y Cross of Coronado, he goes through three train cars. Each Grail test and train car share some kind of connection. In one, Indy has to do a somersault:


LucasfilmAlthough only one actor needed a green screen to pull it off.

As a kid, Indy comes face to face with a lion. As an adult, he faces the “Leap From the Lion’s Head,” featuring a statue of a … lion’s head.


LucasfilmSo a big-ass lion creates no lifelong phobias, but some adorable little snakes do?

And when adult Indy can’t spell “Jehovah,” he falls through the floor …


… which matches wee Indy falling through the floor of the train, in the false bottom of a magician’s trunk.


LucasfilmDoes the magician perform this trick exclusively inside this one train car or what?

Plus, the magician’s trunk is (oddly) decorated with a goat’s head and a pentagram, which are usually associated with paganism. So in both cases, it’s a symbolic lack of piety that leads to Indiana Jones’ fall.

Young Indy runs home and finds his dad reading a book about a knight …


… while adult Indy finds a knight reading a book.

LucasfilmPresumably a James Bond novelization.

This all paves the way for Indiana Jones to save his father and patch up their relationship, thus sparing himself years of plundering ancient knick-knacks just to pay for the inevitable therapy bills.

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