8 Serious Hollywood Scenes That Look Hilarious With No Cgi

Without The CGI, Though …

While the movie’s visual effects seamlessly brought Kong to life, the behind-the-scenes footage is decidedly less magical. For one encounter with the fabled beast, they strapped Naomi Watts on a moving platform and jabbed at her with what we can only hope is supposed to be a giant finger …

Universal PicturesWe said Kong had no genitals. Didn’t say anything about Jack Black.

Kong was played by motion-capture guru Andy Serkis. So naturally, he showed up on set dressed like the California Raisins’ haggard roadie.

Universal PicturesNo one asked him to. He just did.

Then Serkis goes up a crane and starts awkwardly headbanging like a preteen who’s discovered that Iron Maiden isn’t a Meryl Streep movie.

Universal Pictures“OK, this is definitely the last time I do something like this.” — Andy Serkis 13 years ago

Helming all of this chaos is Jackson himself, who directs using the tried and true method of acting out the scene himself with a Barbie doll.

Universal PicturesFrodo’s journey to Mount Doom was presumably first acted out with two troll dolls and an Easy-Bake Oven.


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Columbia PicturesSales for Silly Putty dropped 70 percent that year.

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