This Modelling Agency Is Hiring Only Older Models, And They Look Unbelievable

In our young-and-sexy obsessed society, it has become all too easy to overlook the beauty and glamour of those who are aging gracefully.

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So while Hollywood is busy air-brushing, botoxing and face-lifting in a vain attempt to hold back the inevitable march of time, this Russian modelling agency has decided instead to embrace the beauty of ageing in a series of gorgeous photos.

Appropriately named Oldushka, the agency represents models from the age of 45 and above, going up to 85 in some cases. While the fashion industry finally seems to be getting to grips with diversity in model sizes and ethnicity, age is the next barrier to be broken down.

The agency was born from photographer Igor Gavar’s project of capturing the style of retirees for his blog, also called Oldushka. The vast majority of the models on their books are over 60, with only the male model, Sergey, coming in at a youthful 45. “I signed him because he is older than he looks,” Gavar told Vogue in an interview.

Oldushka’s older models are getting plenty of work in Russia, appearing in more mainstream catalogues and advertising campaigns, and bringing a whole new generation into the fashion industry. Will it inspire other countries to do likewise and embrace the glamorous side of ageing? Let’s see shall we.

Scroll down below to see the gorgeous photos for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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