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Are you a survivalist or know of one? Or maybe you like the outdoors like camping, fishing, hiking and hunting. Then this credit card size survival card tool is for you! This is a must have for all outdoors enthusiasts. This wallet size credit card tool gift is a 12 in 1 multi functional device. One of the best feature is the compact survival knife. Unlike other products, the knife has a small hook at the end which can be used for fishing when used with the rope! This sharp serrated knife can be used in the outdoors to carve branches and cut through thick vines. Use for this survival knife is for killing game or even scaling fishes. The whistle is great for hikers when they travel though rough terrain. Use whistle for help signal from hundreds of feet away to rescuers. This multitool card also comes with a fire stick. You know how important it is during a survival situation to have fire. Fire can keep you warm, cook your food, provide light, sterilize equipment, boil water, fend off predators and much more. The built in compass is the perfect outdoor tool. By having some idea of direction, you may find your way to safety. Under the right conditions, the magnifier can even be used to make fire! With all its uses, this is more than a pocket survival tool. It has functions for everyday use. There are built in tools like screw driver and hex tool and even a small ruler to be used for exact measurements. This credit card multitool and can fit in your pocket, purse, boot, glove compartment, center console, wallet…etc. This is the ultimate survival multitool card is for anyone who wants a piece of mind when participating in outdoor recreations because this is the ultimate compact survival kit. Makes a great GIFT on any occasion for the outdoors person!✮ 2 LIFE SAVING RESCUE SURVIVAL WHISTLES – If you are lost in remote areas, blowing the survival whistles can signal rescuers to your whereabouts! Use the whistle to communicate with others in your party while hiking separately through the woods. In certain situations, if blown loud enough, you can even deter predators!
✮ SURVIVAL CARD POCKET KNIFE with HOOK – This small multitool survival card contains a compact wallet knife that can be used for slicing, prying, sawing, spearhead, fishing, scaling, and protection. The unique hook near the tip can slice thru a stuck seatbelt or scrape the magnesium firestarter with ease.
✮ MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER FLINT – In outdoor survival situations making fire can be critical to sustaining life! This swiss army card tool provides a magnesium flint firestarter that when used with the knife can create fire. Fire is useful for heat, light, boiling water, repel bugs, sterilizing utensils and so much more!
✮ MULTIFUNCTIONAL PARACORD and COMPASS – The 30 inch paracord included with outdoor survival kit can be used for securing tents, making tourniquet, fasten loose clothing, bundling objects, lace up shoes, hanging food, creating a splint and so much more! The built in compass is extremely useful for keeping your orientation in the wilderness.
&#10030CREDIT CARD MULTI TOOL SIZE GIFT – This is the perfect affordable compact gift that can fit in your wallet, pockets, purse, center console, glove compartment, bike, or backpack. Great for that outdoors enthusiast who is into camping, fishing, hiking, or just want to be prepared for life emergencies.

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