9 Terrifying Things Doctors Pulled Out Of Living People

Thakre became pregnant when she was 24, but suffered from a complication whereby the embryo attaches outside of the uterus. This usually produces symptoms such as sharp pain, dull pain, or crampy pain. So basically all of the pains. She did her best to treat it, and a few months later it stopped with what everyone presumed was a loss of the pregnancy. 36 years later, the pain came back, revealing that she was right about being cured of her pain, but wrong about being cured of her baby, whose skeleton had never left.

What’s so “special” about this tiny monstrosity is that when it was found, it didn’t look like a calcinated fetal mass like a “normal” floating skeletal baby. Instead it looked like the remains of someone who died in a giant can of baked beans.

City Hospital“Oh, HELL NO, I quit,” said the x-ray machine.

It’s hard to really tell what’s going on in that picture if you’re not an x-ray tech or a serial killer, so here is what it looked like after they removed all the bones and assembled them.

City HospitalNOW HIRING X-RAY TECH ASSISTANT: Must be good at puzzles and filled with an unspeakable darkness.

Snails are adorable, and you can even paint their shells!

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