Embroidery Artist Makes Her Designs ‘float’ In Mid-air By Using Tulle

Embroidery is a delicate art at the best of times, needing great accuracy and patience as well as a steady hand and eye for detail.

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The Russian artist known as Krista Decor takes it to the next level by choosing to stitch her intricate designs on to a delicate fabric called tulle. Tulle is a lightweight netting that is so fine it has an almost transparent look, one that makes embroidery appear like it is suspended in mid-air.

Krista’s technique of haute couture embroidery was forged during an internship at V. Yudashkin, a fashion-house in Russia, and is inspired by nature. “Most of all in work with embroidery I like floral and animalistic ornament. Simply put, this is the world of nature of flowers and animals.” She writes. “When creating the decor, I use flat and voluminous embroidery which requires such materials as woollen yarn and cotton thread, beads, pearls, natural stones, gimp, embroidery with straw and silk ribbon. When combining these materials, a new design is born.”

Krista has an active Instagram page with all her new designs, including work in progress and some videos.

We think the designs look incredible. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t: My Modern Met)

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