Woman Posts Pics Of Her ‘slashed Tire’ On Twitter, But Someone Quickly Proves She’s Lying And It’s Hilarious

Nothing ruins your day like finding one of your tires slashed. And then finding out that it wasn’t actually slashed, it just gave up on life because you refused to change it. And then continuing to say it was slashed anyway.

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Conservative activist and chronic attention seeker Laura Loomer recently took to Twitter to inform the world that a dry, rotting tire on her jeep had been savagely brutalized. That’s right. Someone was mad enough at her to slash her tires, but not all of them – just one, multiple times. It’s a harrowing story, except for the fact that Laura’s bluff was humiliatingly called by one car-savvy commentator, which unleashed a relentless stream of memes, spin-off Twitter accounts for the fallen tire, and even a fake GoFundMe page that showed Laura supposedly raising cash for a new tire AND car (which, sadly, has now been taken down).

Poor Laura tried to recover her pride, but alas, she only fueled the fire. She may have failed at creating a publicity stunt this time, but at least the rest of us learned an important lesson from it all – don’t drive on tires from 2006. Just don’t do it. Find out what went down below, and tell us what you think about #tiregate in the comments!

A conservative political activist named Laura Loomer recently made a shocking discovery

One Twitter user, however, decided to look a little closer…

Michelin even stepped in to back it all up

Laura got a little cross that people were being mean to her tire, and decided to bite back

It was too late, though, as the floodgate of memes had already opened wide

Someone even created a GoFundMe page in loving memory of the unfortunate tire…

Which Laura was quick to politely refuse

Someone else went drop-dead savage and updated her Wikipedia page – read the last sentence


Trying to salvage the last of her pride, Laura posted documents that supposedly confirmed her ordeal…

But even that fell apart, as it appears to be her handwriting on both reports (oops!)

Now that you’re up to speed on #tiregate, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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