The Truth Behind Those ‘perfect’ Instagram Photos

Why does social media make it seem like everybody else is having more fun than you? The answer is simple. They’re not. They just look like they are. Don’t be fooled by their pictures of wild parties, hipster lunch dates, tranquil yoga sessions and romantic outings with their significant other, because as you can see from the video below, not everything is quite as it seems.

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The video was created by Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organisation working in the USA, UK, and Mexico, and the purpose of the film is to highlight how the “perfect” lives that people strive to imitate are often not so perfect after all. Created in partnership with fashion house, the video raises important questions about truth, perception, and identity. “We’re all guilty of twisting the truth a little bit on social media,” writes Ditch the Label on their website, “but at which point has it gone too far?”

More info: Ditch the Label (h/t)

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