People Are Sharing Their Best Professional Clap Backs, And It’s Hilarious

One of the many joys of working in an office is having to deal with passive-aggressive emails from your co-workers. Perhaps they sit right opposite you, or maybe they work in a different office completely, but as long as they’re hiding behind their computer, there’s no limit to the saltiness that they can unexpectedly drop into your inbox.

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DC-based writer and marketing consultant Danielle René (known on Twitter as @DeeRene_) knows all about this, which is why she recently asked people to share their favorite professional clapbacks after tweeting her own go-to comeback phrase for problematic colleagues. Her tweet clearly resonated with people everywhere as many were quick to respond with their own clapbacks, all of them professional yet at the same time surreptitiously sassy. Scroll down to see for yourself. What’s your favorite office comeback? Let us know in the comments below.

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This Twitter user is encouraging people to share their favorite professional clapbacks

People responded by tweeting their own passive-aggressive office comebacks


One person even had an entire story to tell!

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