Cool Hand Creative Coin-shape Mini Edc Pocket Keychain …

• Coin shape folding knife under “Cool Hand” brand.
• Original design makes it as a fun Gadget for your friends and families, both female and male.
• Perfect for Every Day Carry, you can add it to your camping gear or for outdoor activities like survival gear, hunting, walking, sailing, fishing, camping, gardening or other personal use.
• Ball chain makes it flexible for different personal wearing preference.

• Diameter: 1 5/8”(Approx)
• Blade length: 7/8”(Approx)
• Blade thickness: 1/8”(Approx)
• Blade finish: stone wash + Satin finish
• Hardness: 57HRC
• Material: 9Cr Stainless Steel
• Net weight: 1.27OZ(Approx)
• Weight includes ball chain: 1.76OZ(Approx)

30 days return policy make your purchase risk free. No questions, no condition, just let us know reason for return to help us improve our service to customers.1. Cool coin knife, EDC, ready to deal with the crisis at any time.
2. Specialists in the Sports & Outdoors Area & Cutter Items, Militaria Collectible.
3. Self-Defense key pendant knife.
4. Blade Material: Stainless steel; Hardness: 57.
5. Novelty Gift to Friends, Families.

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