Vintage Aviator Aluminium Egg Chair

Very nice eggchair with the design of the 70s revisited for a look and comfort unrivaled. With materials, microfibre and aluminum, we find the vintage style of yesteryear. YEARS DESIGN 70’S BACK IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! Film stars, science fiction, emblem of the 70’s …

Vintage Aviator Aluminium Egg Chair Design

This Egg Chair inspired by the famous Italian designer Eero Aarnio, will offer hours of relaxation in an unbeatable comfort. A solid fiberglass structure will guarantee your chair a longevity worthy of a high level architectural creation.

DIMENSIONS: – Width: 100 cm. – Max depth: 80 cm. – Height: 130 cm. – Height of the tulip feet: 30 cm. – Interior space: 90 * 90 cm.

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