La Ventana – The Window to Your Culinary Adventure

An infusion vessel that takes your culinary skills to artistic levels. Infusion vessel – the very term brings forth those fanciful visions of gourmets concocting their specialty drinks from aromatic ingredients, herbs, liquors all in a single container. It’s is an object tailored to sate the culinary-inspired aficionado inside you.

La Ventana includes five custom-made inserts for creating your personalized food art within the container. These inserts (in patterns like linear, non-concentric, heart, spoke and concentric) are specifically designed to aid in the positioning of the ingredients, which allows them to be displayed in a proper or rather artistic manner.

And, since the visual scale forms an integral part of the scope, the food arrangements inside the transparent vessel are further accentuated by a special a 32 LED ring system. This wondrous effect of light and art does play its role in projecting the essence of ‘joie de vivre’ emerging from the variant food fusions.

the core attributes of the infusion vessel are not sacrificed in favor of show. In this regard, sturdy materials like tempered glass, polycarbonate, aluminum channels and silicone gaskets are used for the contrivance. Functional features like rectangular aeration spouts are also incorporated for allowance of air escape when the user is filling the container.

Dimensions: 12-inches (30.5 cm) x 12-inches (30.5 cm); 2-inches (5.1 cm) thick.

Capacity – 1500ml

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