Porcelain Eyes Transform Large Tree Stumps into Mysterious Forest Creatures

Using strategically placed porcelain eyes, Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell of creative studio Dear Human have transformed some of the largest tree stumps scattered through Vancouver’s Pacific park forest into mysterious creatures. Titled “Sentinels”, the project offers an alternative perception to overlooked everyday landscapes by revealing the hidden potential of places. Sokolovic and O’Connell explain, “There is a part of the forest we visit regularly where there was once a grove of grand Douglas firs. They were probably cut over a century ago–the technique for cutting these giants back then was to chop wedges into the trees and embed horizontal planks to stand on so they could cut above the root line. What remains are eerie empty eye sockets that longed for an intervention. We gave these sentinels of the forest a second life with some fine porcelain peepers.”

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