Alana Dee Haynes: Refashioning Photographs

With their eye-catching patterns, pulsing lines and bubbling circles, Alana Dee Haynes’ refashioned photographs. For these images, the Brooklyn based photographer and artist selects fashion photographs from advertisements and beauty spreads and uses her talented flair for art to draw patterns on them to create new images.

The interaction between drawing and photography in these images is striking as the subjects’ skin and the background is adorned with scale-like patterns, winding lines that appear to move and bubbly patterns that accentuate the subjects’ already remarkable features.

By drawing pattern onto the originally exposed skin of some models, Haynes, in a sense, veils the subject, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue as we get glimpses of the skin through the gaps in the pattern.

These remarkable refashioned images are just part of Haynes’ artistic repertoire–she is interested in a variety of creative mediums, spending the last 6 years experimenting with drawing, collage, sculpture, beading, silk screening and photography. Alana has also completed a Photography and Liberal Arts degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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