Dedon Swingrest Hanging Lounger for Luxury Loafing

Bringing a lush, plush new meaning to the term “hanging around,” the Swingrest hanging lounger from Dedon makes loafing luxurious. Inspired by the company’s previously released iconic Nestrest lounger, this swing seat boasts a natural, basket-like woven base hanging from an elegant suspension system. Like its predecessor, this new design reminds us of a nest – round and organic, at home among the trees and surrounding you with nature. Dangle this delicious lounger on your verandah or patio, hanging from a tall tree branch, or floating above the water’s edge. Cozy up your lounger with a stylish selection of upholstery and cushions, from acrylic and polyester to synthetic leather, available in a rainbow of colors and patterns. This casual-chic creation by Daniel Pouzet is among the first products seen from Dedon Island, the company’s Outdoor Living Lab based in Siargao, Philippines. Additional info is available by visiting Dedon.

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