See If a Book You’re About to Buy Is Available at Your Local Library Using This Extension

If you find yourself browsing Amazon looking for your next good read, the extension Library Extension might potentially help you save a little cash by letting you read that same book for free.

The way the extension works is pretty simple: Just scroll through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads as you normally would. When you do, the extension will display where you can find the book at a local library as well. The extension has been available for Amazon for a bit now, but has expanded support over the years to additional spots as well.

Library information is provided right on the page, saving you the trouble of pulling up your library’s dedicated site to get the same information. It also reminds you that, yes, the library exists and is a place you can get books.

The extension currently works with 4,000 libraries around the world. It also supports search results from Hoopla, the online service many libraries used to offer patrons audiobooks and ebooks.

Of course, borrowing the book from the library isn’t quite the same as owning it yourself; however, if it’s just a title you want to read on your next plane ride or a trip to the beach, then borrowing it rather than buying can make a lot more sense.

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