6 Borders That Look Like They Were Drawn By Drunk People


There’s A Spanish City In Africa, And If You Make It In, You Can Stay

There’s nothing fun about illegally crossing the Mexican border into America. If you manage to avoid being shot, dying in the desert, or getting chucked in jail immediately upon arrival, you still may spend the rest of your life hunted by ICE agents. But for African people hoping to become European citizens, in some places the same process sounds weirdly … almost kind of fun?

Now don’t get us wrong, illegally crossing any border is incredibly dangerous and decidedly not a game, but Spain sure makes it sound like one. You see, Spanish laws are such that anybody who makes it into the country can declare asylum and apply for citizenship. Of course, getting into mainland Spain is pretty difficult for many Africans, so they instead try their luck at the much closer Spanish city of Melilla, which is located in Africa.

Google MapsYou fight an 800-year turf war, and you’ll get a few oddities like this.

Of course, Melilla officials are fully aware that would-be immigrants target their city, so they’ve erected a complicated series of fences and patrol them with guards like the world’s most hardcore obstacle course. Lest you think we’re making light of a clearly desperate situation, here’s the kicker: The guards aren’t armed. They’re allowed to smack wrists and stuff, but if somebody gets through, they get through.

Every once in awhile, several hundred hopefuls charge the fences in an attempt to make it into the city on the other side, and a few occasionally succeed. This weird perpetual non-sport is happening in a city that’s really not all that large, so for citizens of Melilla, it’s pretty easy to sit around and watch as foreigners desperately try to scale your walls. At this point, it’s only interesting to them insomuch as people loudly clamoring for freedom can really throw off your golf swing.

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Alexander Koerner/Getty ImagesWe’re guessing the reality of climbing a razor wire fence is a bit less fun than these guys make it look.


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