5 Weirdly Dark Episodes Of Lighthearted Cartoons

Beverly hires Rocko to do some random house chores for her, but it quickly becomes obvious that she wants him to use his rough hands for something other than changing light bulbs. First she tells him to watch a documentary with her. It’s about the mating habits of cane toads, and considering Mrs. Bighead’s species, that makes it pretty much frog porn. When that doesn’t work, Beverly steps up the creepy routine by spiking Rocko’s drink with Spanish fly, which is what cartoons call roofies.

Nickelodeon ProductionsThey make date rape so festive.

Then she lures him into the bedroom, asking him to zip up her dress, which leads to a very non-PG wardrobe malfunction:

Nickelodeon ProductionsMrs. Bighead, if you’re nasty.

Mrs. Bighead asks Rocko for a foot massage, but the smell of her webbed feet is so strong that it propels Rocko into a spinning fan, ripping out his fur. To this, Beverly has perhaps the least kid-friendly response we’ve ever heard in a cartoon: “You shaved. For me?”

Nickelodeon ProductionsMost people prefer to approach it from the front, but we have to admire her ambition.

The episode was so controversial that Nickelodeon refused to air it until 2002, which definitely makes it one of the weirder changes we’ve faced in the post-9/11 world.

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The Powerpuff Girls Episode About Eugenics And Deformity

The Powerpuff Girls were made by Professor Utonium out of sugar, spice, everything nice, and the highly unstable Chemical X. But in the episode “Knock If Off,” fake scientist (and Utonium’s old roommate) Dick Hardly learns about the Powerpuffs’ secret recipe and decides to make his own army of fingerless mini-psychopaths for profit. When the girls figure this out, they track Hardly to the abandoned warehouse where he performs his experiments, only to find themselves surrounded by the Cronenbergian equivalent of a fun house mirror maze.

Cartoon Network Studios
The Elephant Girls

At first Hardly’s hastily made knockoffs are decent, but then he starts half-assing production, creating dozens of deformed monstrosities. When he’s cornered by the three Powerpuffs with the right amount of chromosomes, Hardly turns himself into a monster, killing the girls in the process. But don’t worry, they’re brought back to life by Professor Utonium. Hardly himself gets killed by his own creations, as revenge for never loving them. Lesson learned: If you’re not going to love your kids, make sure you can beat them in a fight.

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