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New and improved with updated

Widened handle, comfortable to grasp.

Card slot design, easy disassembly.

Non-slip soft, more intimate.

Solid stent, more peace of mind.


Material : ABS + PP; Blades: stainless steel

Color : White

Size : Approx 285mm *125mm *75mm

Weight : 355g


Use it to PROTECT YOUR HAND, especially when the vegetables/fruits is too small, also can AVOID WASTE OF FOOD.

Use method: Press the vegetables/fruits on the nails of the hand guard.

Package Include

1 x Detachable mandoline slicer

1 x Safe hand guard

1 x 2mm (0.079in) Julienne blades

1 x 3mm (0.118in) Julienne blades

1 x Straight slicer

1 x Grate blade

1 x Grind grater. Ideal for grating garlic, ginger or even chocolate.

When chop the food, please be sure to use the safe holder to protect your finger!
If food get caught between the blades,use the brush or toothbrush to not try to get the food out with your hand.
Rinse and dry thoroughly.clean immediately after use so the food will not harden and stick to the blades.
Blade is very sharp, don’t let children contact it.
Hand washing recommended for extending the life of the product.
Vegetables/fruits with a hard skin, peel it off first.
When the vegetable is small or becomes smaller (lower than 2.5 inches), Please use the Safety Hand-guard.Amazing Slicer Set – 5 different interchangeable stainless steel blades are excellent for use as vegetable cutter, vegetable chopper, fruit cutter, cheese grater & carrot grater, and so on ,giving you all the tools to create a perfect meal with ease and style,make life easier.
Safe and Easy to Use – Hand guard prevents cuts,do not need to worry about it would hurt your finger. Easy to store and change blade with its compact design. Simple to set up, effortless to use, and incredibly easy to clean. Dishwasher Safe.
Time Saver For Kitchen – With this tool you can make boring salads look interesting by cutting veggies in various shapes and sizes using the Vegetable Slicer. Makes your dishes looks better at the same time also save your precious time. Speed up the slicing process for any food cooking
NON-SLIP BASE – Solid stent and the Non-skid base to keep it firmly in place while you are working on it.Along with everything, there’s an effective hand guard for protecting your fingers from accidental nicks.
EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE – Can be assembled quickly, super easy to set up and clean. This slicer is hand wash recommended; please do use the cleaning brush tool to protect your hands. After drying,Just put all the blades and hand guard in the container and stow it inside the kitchen drawer or cabinet.

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