Stellar Cuisine Stainless Steel 31 Piece Utensil Set, P…

Afford yourself the most complete cooking tool set in the market having the right tool for the right job is generally a great way to save time, money and effort , and it also applies in the kitchen. This amazing cooking set contains virtually everything you could ever need: 5 x measuring cups 5 x measuring spoons 1 x pair of cooking tongs 1 x utility whisk 1 x skimmer 1 x heavy duty can opener 1 x vegetable peeler 1 x pizza cutter 1 x cheese knife 3 x turners, slotted, unslotted, and extra wide asian turner 1 x draining spoon 1 x pasta server 1 x spatula 1 x flat grater/zester 1 x serving spoon 1 x ice cream scoop 1 x tea strainer 1 x bottle opener 1 x garlic press 1 x potato masher 1 x soup ladlePremium cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets , 31 piece set includes 1 of each premium kitchen gadget: Turner, slotted turner, extra wide asian turner,
Unparalleled quality: When it comes to our kitchen essentials sets, we make a point of using nothing but top grade materials and precise production
Perfect gift , the best fully stainless steel cooking utensils set on amazon: Each piece is well constructed from sturdy, durable high grade stainless
Safe and convenient , cooking tools can be used for all your cookware needs , be gentle with non stick cookware) and are heat resistant up to 450 degrees

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