Girl Illustrates Her Everyday Struggles In 15+ Funny Comics (New Pics)

Meg Quinn is the artist behind the Art By Moga comics. She calls herself a “cocoa drinking, cat snuggling, comics artist and illustrator based out of sunny Seattle, WA” and draws funny relatable stories based on her day to day experiences.

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The artist draws comics about her cute and funny quirks, relationship with now husband and the adventures with their puppy Boedy.

The artist started sharing her art online in 2013 and over the years developed a distinct, colorful style. Meg is inspired by other artists, such as Brittney Lee, Emily Carroll, Britt Meyers, Loish, and HamletMachine.

Take a look at her newest comics below and if you want more, you can find two other posts we already did about Moga here and here.

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