2 Pack Led Bike Wheel Light | Waterproof Bicycle Tire L…

How to Install the wheel lights:

First, open the packaging, remove the accessories and Place the location.

Please put in the batteries in accordance with the anode and cathode.

Note 1: The anode should turn towards to the bosom.

Note 2: You could install successfully when you level to the Mounting slots.

It could Play a role in anti-skid when you glue the gasket on the the accordance.

You could Fix tight the accordance with Norse.

And then Untie light line, extends along the spokes to the outside.

You could not be too Tight to can not adjust the location.

You could fixed next spoke after you Looped Previous spoke.

You could Skip a Spoke to fix next spoke.

This continues until the completion of it.

Finally, you can adjust the light line that tends to round.

20 Bright LED Lights In Waterproof Tubing,Cool Bright LED Bike Accessory
Helps to be Seen And Be Safe During Night Time Bike Riding
50+ Hours Constant Light, Powered by 3 AA Batteries (not included)
Comes with Waterproof Tubing for Battery Pack and Zip Ties for The Light String
2-Pack Bundle for 2 Tires

Price: [price_with_discount]

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