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This ingenious, super-bright Flashlight features a built-in magnet and is always handy when you need it most. The built-in magnet attaches so easily and convenient. Its flexibility, light weight and size make it useful in house, car or yard, behind the sofa, on a walk or in a pinch. You can bend it into a variety of positions, fold it over or stand it up straight. It’s easy to bend, so you can focus the super-bright light just where you want it or spread it all around. It even flashes on demand, serving as a hazard warning. Flashlight is bright orange, or Blue so you can always see it, and magnetized so you can always find it. No more hunting through kitchen drawers for a flashlight. The 6 Bulb Comes with hang strap for easy carrying. 6 Bulb Requires two “AAA” batteries (included), and the 12, and 21 Bulb Requires three “AAA” batteries (included)ENDLESS USES: FlexiFlash flashlights can be used for anything, its handheld thin design makes it the perfect accessory. From outdoors to indoors to hunting and camping to fixing your car to just being a closet light. This tactical gadget will mount or hook on almost anything.
HIGH LUMEN – MULTIPLE LIGHT SETTINGS: On the 12 and 21 bulb there is 3 settings low, high and strobe. The 12 bulb has 72 lumens and the 21 bulb has 126 lumens. On the 6 bulb there is 2 settings, high and strobe producing 36 lumens.
ULTRA CONVENIENT: This can be mounted to any metal using the magnet on the back or wrapped around any pole. There is also a loop so it can be hooked to something if necessary. An item that is so unique it is great for a mechanic or a bbq. The six bulb comes with a wrist strap.
BATTERY POWERED – OUTSTANDING FLEXIBILITY: FlexiFlash can be bent or turned to take any shape necessary. Its the perfect tool. The 12 and 21 bulb run on 3 AAA batteries which come included in your purchase. The 6 bulb runs on 2 Triple A batteries (included).
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer a five-year warranty on all new purchased items from Morgan Home Fashions, if you are unsatisfied with your product in any way please contact our customer service team.

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