Eachen Wifi Wireless Inching Relay Monentary/Self-locki…

This product is a wireless switch supports momentary(inching) /self-locking/interlock work modes. Users can add the device to the APP eWeLink in order to remotely control connected home appliances or power circuits.
Note:The relays are switches without output, the power supply input (AC/DC) just for the PCBA.
Tap the work mode setting button manually, the product can change the working mode.
When in inching mode, you can have two wiring ways to select: -Turn on 1s and then auto-off -Turn off 1s and then auto-on.
When in self-locking mode, you can remotely turn on/off connected devices immediately.
When in interlock mode(only 2-gang and 4-gang supports), you can remote control AC/DC motors.
The product enables remote control of home appliances through the mobile application eWeLink, available on both Android and iOS.
Supported functions include:
*Remote turn on/off *Timing Schedules
*Device Sharing
*Group Management
*Compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
*Works with Google Home, Google Nest
*Works with IFTTT
This product is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa to control the device with the following voice commands. Please note that only US/UK English and German voice commands are supported now.
Try out these phrases ( {deviceName} should be the name of your device):
“Alexa, turn on {deviceName}”
“Alexa, turn off {deviceName}”
“Alexa, schalte Ger?tename ein”
“Alexa, schalte Ger?tename aus”
Also you can ask Google Home to control the device with the following voice commands.
“hey, google, turn on {deviceName}”
“OK, google, turn off {deviceName}”
How to works with IFTTT:
Search “eWeLink Smart Home” in IFTTT APP.This wireless switch relay module supports momentary (1s) /self-locking/interlock (only 2-gang and 4-gang support) work modes. Smart remote control functions with Timing control, Cyclic timing control, Delay switch control and Mechanical switch output
In inching mode (momentary mode), if you press the button on the app (or the manual button on the board), the switch will be closed after 1 second. In this case, you have two wiring ways: 1. turn on 1s and then auto-off; 2 turn off 1s and then auto-on. So you can DIY a smart PC, Remote controller…
In self-locking mode, you can remote turn on/off connected devices. When you press the button on APP (or the manual button on the board) for one time, the switch will be on. The switch will be off only when you press the button once again. So you can DIY a smart Light, Thermostat, Household electrical appliances…
In interlock mode (only for the model DC2 and DC4), if you turn on/off one relay each time, the other relays will auto turn off/on at the same time. So you can DIY a smart Garage door, Motor
Wifi Remote controlled by EweLink APP for iOS and Android 2G/3G/4G Networks. Support functions including: remote on/off, timing schedules, device sharing, smart scenes. Compatible with ALEXA ECHO/IFTTT/GOOGLE HOME/GOOGLE NEST. The wiring diagram guide and tutorials will be post on eachen.cc, welcome tech enthusiastic share your idea with us.

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