Blue Precision Demagnetizer/ Magnetizer – For Screwdriv…

Katzco – Precision Demagnetizer/ Magnetizer Magnetic

For Screwdriver & Tool Or Small and Bigger Screws and Any Tools

Available In -(Red)-(Blue)-(Black)

Product Description

Katzco’s Demagnetizer/ Magnetizer tool is a great asset for any tool shed or workshop.

Whether you are

• a Carpenter,

• Mechanic,

• or Someone who just likes to

• DIY,

This tool will come in handy.

This Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer is super convenient.

Its super Lightweight, • Compact design, • Non breakable plastic construction, • And battery independent nature

• Means you can bring this bad boy anywhere you want to use at anytime.

It is perfect for Demagnetizing / Magnetizing Tweezers, • Screwdrivers and other • Small Tools.

Will also magnetize bigger sized tools.

• Magnetize screwdriver

• And drill tips for more control when screwing in screws and minimize tools slipping off of screw heads.

Super easy to use as all you have to do is insert your screw/tool into either the positive or negative spaces.

Quality at its finest and most affordable.

Katzco’s tools always get the job done.EASY TO USE- No batteries or electrical required.To magnetize a tool, simply slide it through the center hole. To de-magnetize a tool, slide it through the side slots. If you need to work with electronic parts requiring demagnetized tools, just insert the screwdriver tip in the negative terminal cavity.To magnetize the screwdriver tip, insert it in the positive terminal cavity.
PORTABLE- The lightweight and compact design of this magnetizer/demagnetizer makes it amazingly portable to fit in tool bags and super easy to store in workshops/tool sheds. Since it does not require battery, it is even more portable and can be deployed for used at any time.
CONVENIENT- Converts any tool blade to a magnetic retriever of screws, nuts and metallic particles. Perfect for demagnetizing tweezers, screwdrivers and other small tools. Will also magnetize bigger sized tools.Minimize tools slipping off screw heads
IDEAL IN WORKSHOP- Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and carpenters. Not only for Magnetizing & Demagnetizing Screwdriver. A must for every toolbox! This magnetizer / demagnetizer is intended to be used with screwdrivers, nut drivers, wrenches, tweezers and other steel tools. Minimize tools slipping off screw heads.
HIGH QUALITY- Thanks to a simple yet powerful design, this handy gadget can quickly convert any tool blade into a magnetic retrieval tool.Has a high power to weight ratio and is encompassed in non-breakable plastic. Uses two industrial permanent magnets.

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