Thxtoms Led Flashlight Multipurpose Glove for Repairing…

ThxToms Outdoor LED Flashlight Multipurpose Glove Cover Thump Index Finger give a large convenience for light needed activities and works.

Material: Flexible breathable fabric
Package: 1 hand
Size: Medium-Left Hand, Medium-Right Hand, Large-Left Hand, Large-Right Hand
Battery: Use 2 CR2016 electronic batteries
Design: Each hand with two LED light cover index finger and thump, 8cm length velcro suitable most size hands, can change the battery on your own with screwdriver

• Comfortable to wear with no sense of restraint, can wear another gloves inside it when in cold.
• Lightweight, breathable and flexible material are durable.
• Cover thump index finger make more flexible.
• Magic strap to wear removal more quickly and easily.
• Easily to replace the battery – Use a screwdriver to loosen a screw to replace the battery.

Perfect for every light needed activities and works. Get the most out of everyday life with ThxToms gloves.
• Fishing – to replace bait when night fishing
• Patrol or Law Enforcement – to liberate hands
• Hiking or Mountain Camping or Cycling – handy help when lack of light
• Maintenance Equipment or Repairing – a best helper when do with fine parts
• Other Outdoor Activities
• Work Lighting

ATTENTION, Our glove due to excellent condenser effect, please don’t direct exposure to eyes, so as not to cause visual impairment.Super easy to understand and operate, more easy to replace battery with screwdriver

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