Usb Rechargeable Bike Light Kit – Led Bicycle Headlight…

✅This is first USB rechargeable bike light with Cross Light beam. The quick release night bike set will make your cycling rides well-lit and safer. Using Cree LED lighting gear will not only light your path but make yourself more cool and noticeable to others on the urban street. The special features of the headlight are the unique optical technology of light ray distribution, high 600 lumens power, high-capacity batteries and a durable stylish body with aluminum elements.

✅The bike rider front night-light has not only near and far lights, but also Cross Light technology for the best cycling safety lights. This function lets you switch between the horizontal and vertical light mode depending on the road width.The 4-mode combo front and rear night-light combination has not only a strobe system, all of our flashlights have extra mini yellow side reflectors. In this way, you provide yourself a 360 degree shine.

⚡ Powerful high quality lithium battery support up to 400 recharges and let the bike headlamp work up to 6 hrs in single mode and up to 3 hrs in twin mode. USB cable makes the recharge process extremely simple and convenient.A notification function activates when the battery charge is below 25% on the indicator sensor. Ipx4 outdoor waterproof protects equipment parts from a splash impact and the 3D shape design make these lightweight electric lights wind, dirt and dust resistant.

✅The reliable mounting of the flash light is very simple to work with.The lights with universal holder fits any bikes including hybrid, bmx, and folding. You can attach the lights at any level on your handlebar to really light up the path in front of you. Easy installation red tailight with sturdy rubber strap at your desired height. In addition to mounting on the seat tube, the rear light can be attached to your helmet, vest or backpack.

Front light:3.7×2.2×1.9inch. Tail light:2.8×1.5×1.8inch.UNIQUE BIKE ACCESSORIES. This is first USB bike light with Cross Light beam. The American Cree LED technology bike light set uses an optical technology of light bunch spreading, which ensures the best ration curve between luminous intensity and energy consumption.
HIGH CAPACITY LI- ION BATTERY. The LED lights for bike have powerful batteries 3000 mAh front cycle lamp and 180 mAh rear lamp. The 600 lumens headlight works in constant mode -3hrs, flashing mode -6hrs.
FULL KIT OF WATERPROOF LIGHTS. The front and back night lights are antiglare and IPX-4 waterproof, which makes their use for hybrid, bmx, road, folding, and mountain bikes.
IMPROVE YOUR SAFETY AT NIGHT. With our blinking lights you not only can illuminate the path when cycling, but you can make yourself more noticeable with the flashing light on the road.
EASY TO USE EVEN FOR KIDS. The brightest bycicle headlight has 4 modes: horizontal, vertical, cross, flashing. We provide a lifetime warranty on the bicycle light mounts.

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