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Grind Gourmet’s Original Pump & Grind line of salt and pepper grinder sets and single mills come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Never before has form and function been so exquisitely paired! Grind Gourmet has been around for 17 years, so you can rest assure your investment in one of the finest salt and pepper grinder sets in a great investment time tested, quality approved. Our mills are sure to please even the pickiest of people. Chefs love our grinders; they appreciate the value of the one-hand operated grinding mechanism that allows the other hand to be free to measure the precise amount of spice to any culinary creation. Built with solid high-quality stainless steel and less then half an inch of food-grade quality acrylic viewing window. Whether you are investing in one for yourself or your family, these grinders are a unique gift, one that will leave an impression for years to come. Whether you are dining in or on the go we have your desire for flair, flavor, and portability covered, our innovative elegant grinders are sure to make you smile.FORM AND FUNCTION EXQUISITELY PAIRED Grind Gourmet is the creator of the Original Pump & Grind salt and pepper grinder set. Similar looking mills on the market are evidence of Grind Gourmet’s success however Grind Gourmet mills are made with a superior quality stainless steel, the core is solid steel not plastic so pressure from grinding will not cause the mill to break. Once you use these mills you’ll never want to be without them. Enjoy our environmentally friendly pepper grinders.
FREE UP ONE HAND with Grind Gourmet’s Original Herb Grinder. Whether you are adding Himalayan sea salt or peppercorns to a dish/recipe these salt and pepper grinders easily do the job. Our one handed pepper mill and salt grinder will allow you to grind some fresh sea salt seasoning onto a hard-boiled egg or burrito while holding it with the free hand, because thumb salt and pepper grinders do the work conventional two-hand operated salt and pepper mills require.
EASY TO USE EASY TO REFILL Operating our one handed pepper grinder is easy if my grandmother can use it so can you! Using our mills helps to keep your muscles in good shape. Put the battery powered grinder aside, keep your texting thumbs in good shape! To refill our mills we suggest keeping salt and pepper in freezer sized bags in your pantry to easily scoop pepper into the pepper grinder and salt into the salt mill.
BUY ONE, TWO OR AS MANY AS YOU LIKE Grind Gourmet salt grinder and pepper grinder comes in singles to allow you to decide how many will cover your needs in the kitchen and dining room. Our pump grind mills come in a variety of colors, sizes, sets and singles. Investigate all the original design products Grind Gourmet offers. The red grinder and black grinder mills add color and function, the colored rubber accent makes it easy to grip and grind salt and pepper. Stands sold separately.
BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE Every purchase is backed by a no-questions-asked policy we want you happy so in the unlikely event of a complication we’ll be around to assist you. We created the Original Pump & Grind in 2000 with the highest quality stainless steel to prevent rust and wear. You get what you pay for with Grind Gourmet products! We have offered the best salt and pepper grinders for almost two decades now there is a reason for that, we’ll be around should you need us!

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